Blazing Star Urban Farm

Blazing Star Urban Farm

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I transformed my lawn and property into an urban farm—a farm within an urban setting, ridding myself of as much non-productive lawn and grass area as possible. It is foot for foot, arguably the hardest working 1/5th acre in all of Wichita Falls, if not the entire region.

In total, I have 18 garden beds at an average length of 25 feet and an average width of 28 inches for a total in-ground growing area of 1050 sq ft covering my front and back lawns. The rest of the area is mulched pathways and hardscapes, a play area for my children, and perennial and annual flowering areas, focused on native and adaptive species to attract pollinators and natural predators. Outdoors, I grow a selective variety of vegetables and greens, but also have 10 total, maturing dwarf fruit trees (apple, peach, and pear), 3 grape vines, and other perennial fruits (blackberries and strawberries). Indoors within the protected area of my two-car garage turned growing room with immediate access to electricity, heat, air circulation and water, year-round I grow in premium soil weekly crops of many pounds of a variety of microgreens and offer local delivery in the city of bulk orders. The micros grow under highly efficient LEDs which allow me to maximize space and efficiency per square foot.

I utilize as many local sources to increase soil fertility as possible; incorporate crop rotation and specific crop selection in the outdoors garden beds; do on-site composting including recycling my microgreens growing media back into the outdoors growing beds; am no-till after initial ground-breaking/bed-forming; and, for the most part, rely on natural methods and physical barriers for pest and weed control instead of poisons and pesticides.

In the winter season to start summer crops and push summer plants through the winter into the next season, I utilize a custom-built 64 sq ft heated and partially-insulated greenhouse/nursery which shares a wall of my backyard-barn and a custom-built 150 sq ft greenhouse—both wrapped in double-layer greenhouse poly.

My typical market season is aimed at twice per month, every month, with the occasional variation.

Contact: Benjamin Walker