Hook & Ladder Wine and Coffee Co.

H&L Coffee Co. is co-owned by Jon and Pam Reese and Bill and Lauri Weske. The idea of roasting delicious, easy drinking coffee was born out of a love for business, community, family, faith, and FUN.

Jon and Pam are partners in Texoma Ice Company, a packaged ice manufacturing and distribution company formed in 2004, and have used this small business experience to create HOOK & LADDER COFFEE CO. along with Bill and Lauri. Jon is a 33-year veteran of the Wichita Falls Fire Department, an all career, 161 member department, where he proudly serves as the Fire Chief. Pam is a part of the North Texas Ophthalmology Associates Team, and serves as a Technician.

Bill is the retired Assistant Fire Chief and served the community for 33 years. His dedication and love for the Fire Service was evident throughout his career. Lauri is a Nurse at Hospice of Wichita Falls, a true calling for a very special cause. Her compassion shows daily as she dedicates her life to providing care for those in Hospice Care.

The “theme” of H&L COFFEE CO. celebrates the thousands of men and women around the world who provide public safety day in and day out. Jon and Bill’s proudest professional achievement is, without a doubt, being able to lead the BEST firefighters anywhere! And now we’re proud to devote ourselves to local business and roasting the best Wichita Falls coffee.
Also, Hook & Ladder Wine Co., Wichita Falls FIRST Urban Winery will be open in the Spring of 2018in the Historic Depot Square providing our line of fine wines in a fun atmosphere!

Contact: Jon & Pam Reese, Bill & Lauri Weske

616 7th Street